Campaign summary

We’ve all had this certain adult in our lives who had a possitive effect on us when
we were young. Our parents, grandparents, godfathers and godmothers, teachers,
god students etc. Those who noticed our value and showed us appreciation.
Now it’s time to show our appreciation to them and everyone around the
globe using social media platforms.

Creative insight

Small, everyday things and appreciating one another on a daily basis can do wonders.
It certainly has a huge effect on a child. Children need strong, safe and trustworthy adults in their lives.
Every one of us knows this, but sometimes we tend to forget it. Thanks to social media we can
spread the message everywhere using strong emotions.

The solution

3–5 campaign videos where an adult tells us how someone had an affect on him/her
when he/she was a child. Former teacher, parents, neighbours, that old lady next door,
best friend’s parents, that cashier in the local store etc. How they showed children their appreciation?
On the video these people are surprised in a funny, touching way. Hashtag #ShareYourAppreciation included.

Photo campaign using the same idea as YouTube. Users can post photos showing their appreciation
to someone and telling how those people helped them in their lives. Hashtag #ShareYourAppreciation included.

Facebook, Twitter
Using MLL’s own channels we’ll encourage people to share their photos and videos on Twitter and on Facebook.
We’ll also actively share material made by the users and make their stories go viral.

We’ll choose the most inspiring stories and continue surprising the people in them.
It’ll all be filmed and shared through YouTube.

How does the campaign work

Sharing is better than receiving. Sharing your appreciation makes us all happy,
because finally we can say ‘thank you for being there for me and helping me to become
the person I am today.’ And saying all that openly and publicly is what inspires people.
That’s how we get them to remember that for children every day matters.